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A branding and web design project for a local plant store located in San Francisco, offering houseplants, rare plants, planters and plant accessories


Moodyleaf's in-store shopping is growing rapidly. They want to build a website where customers can browse the plant collection and find information on plant care.


More importantly, they want to help customers choose the right plant for their space and reserve it for in-store pickup.

Project Deliverables

  • Brand Identity 

  • Logo Design

  • Website Design


There is a plant for your ever-changing mood

We appreciate the beautiful creation around us. Unlike the limited selection in local stores or supermarkets, we offer many plant varieties that are rarely found. There is a plant for your ever-changing mood. Our mission is to build lasting relationships in our community and help them discover the power that plants bring to our lives.


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The brand name Moodyleaf has been established since the founder opened her boutique. It's the combination of her pet, who she grew up with, and her favorite plant.

One of her desires was to incorporate these two important elements into the logo design.

Logo Exploration

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Moodyleaf's customers have a wide range of different ages, interests and preferences. But they have one thing in common when it comes to the buying decision process ----------

They ask for tips and guidelines on plant care and maintenance.

Some quotes from the interviews:

" I feel inadequate in terms of my care of house plants."

" I have problem of keeping my plants alive. Every time I buy a new one, I struggle to keep it healthy."

" I’m always second guessing myself on the amount of water/sunlight the plant should receive."

Patio with Plants

How might we help shoppers select the right plant for their space

If the website does a good job of helping customers choose the right plant, in-store shopping becomes more efficient.


Easy filter access

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A short quiz for a plant match 

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Plant care guide

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