I'm Rachel ,
 nice to meet you.

A visual designer and marketer with 5 years experience in marketing and market research. 

I am currently part of the internal ADPList team and work closely with the co-founder as a UX researcher.

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Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout

Growing up as a Girl Scout, a few things were instrumental in shaping me into who I am today ...

  • Caring for the community: Contributing to the community isn't just about helping others in need. It also brings me joy to meet people who share the same beliefs.

  • Perseverance: It is possible to achieve anything if we set our mind to it, and it is worth working hard for the things we love.

  • Enjoy the journey: Things don't always go as planned, just like that camping trip with an unexpected storm. I've learned to stay flexible and positive, because sometimes that's what makes the best memories.

Cross-national life and work experiences

Curiosity about the world outside Taiwan brought me to the US. The past 7 years studying, working, and living in San Francisco have been incredible and truly eye-opening.

  • Communication skills: Working with people from different parts of the world has given me the opportunity to develop stronger communication skills as well as empathy - relating to others.

  • Personal growth: Breaking out of my comfort zone has pushed me to try new things, make new friends and take risks. It has certainly helped me grow as an individual and has broadened my interests, perspectives and skills.

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